A nod to the past

Upcycle, repurpose, vintage - you hear these words used a lot lately. Whatever term you want to use, we’re definitely seeing a trend towards products and materials that have a sense of history. Perhaps our busy, plugged-in lives are giving us a yearning for a simpler time, for meals made from scratch, hand-knitted sweaters and patchwork quilts. Here are a few products that all give a nod to the past, whether it be reusing something that no longer has use in our modern world, or a cheeky twist on an antique design.


Paring down a light fixture to bare bones is nothing new - there are quite a few different versions out there. But this Crystal Bulb Pendant by Lee Broom is a cut above. This simplest form of a light is taken to a whole new level - each bulb is hand blown and then cut with a classic crystal pattern. Stunning.


This is where modern technology gets an unexpected traditional twist. Luxury watchmaker De Bethune embedded a working pocket watch into an iphone case.


Paul Cocksedge has created a smartphone speaker out of a 12" vinyl LP with his Change the Record. Repurposing at its best.


Drawing inspiration from traditional Scandinavian & Shaker designs, these chairs by O&G studio are modern yet feel as if they've been around forever.  ABCD design calls them "modern furnishings with an old soul".  We definitely agree.


These reclaimed barn wood walls in Hilary Swank's home juxtapose beautifully against the contemporary furnishings while lending a sense of history to the space. via elledecor.com

inside out clock.jpg

This inside-out collection by Polart is so whimsical and fun. They've taken traditional favorites and created statement pieces for contemporary interiors. 

How have you added a sense of history to your interior? Is it a beloved antique or a quirky accessory with a wink to the past? We'd love to hear!

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