Concrete: you thought you knew it

Concrete is no longer a material used only for structural purposes. Today's concrete designers are taking the material beyond industrial and creating sculptural, light as air pieces that surprise & delight.

concrete lace cropped.jpg

The Concrete Lace curtain by Doreen Westphal Studio is an incredible example of how the use of  concrete has evolved into an artform.


The Stitching Concrete stool is a project by industrial designer Florian Schmid. By impregnating fabric with cement and drenching it in water, he is able to create a material that has the softness of cloth and the stability of concrete.

tub cropped.jpg

The Concrete Soft bathtub by Glass Idromassaggio is a like piece of art in the room.

concrete necklace.jpg

Dramatic necklaces by Bergnerschmidt.

concrete sofa.jpg

Yes, this sofa is made of concrete. Messes with your head a bit doesn't it? Concrete Chesterfield Sofa by Gray Concrete.


Bet you've never been given a concrete business card before. Designed by Murmure Creative.

hubert heavy desk light 2.jpg

Minimalist task lighting taken a step further with a concrete shade & base. From Benjamin Hubert.

2stone light.jpg

Fabric-like concrete fixture at the office of 2Stone Designer Concrete in Calgary. 

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