How to zombie proof your home

We love interior design and want to keep on making the world a more beautiful place for our clients and ourselves. But . . . we all know that a zombie apocalypse is inevitable so why not protect our homes, our interiors and ourselves from an onslaught of the undead?

Starting with the front door, the good folks at This Old House swear by triple-point locks. Zombies friggin' hate triple-point locks. TIP: This Old House suggests stainless steel doors and cement board siding but we can only condone this if it fits with the architectural concept.


Beautiful and functional window coverings can contribute so much to a beautifully designed room. They can also help you keep a low profile when a brain-hungry hoard of zombies are lurking about your neighborhood. TIP: Dimmer switches will help to maintain your lighting at a low ambient level, preserving energy. Bright lights will alert zombies to your presence like a neon “Open” sign.

kitchen with zombies.jpg

A beautifully designed kitchen and pantry is not just for the caterers during an invasion of the undead.  TIP: When we are no longer going out for take-out, a kitchen that optimizes storage for non-perishables will more than pay for itself.

Kitchen Design: Johnson & Associates Interior Design

living room copy.jpg

Fireplaces can be a beautiful focal point in a room and provide warmth - and a cooking source when essential services are knocked out by zombified public servants. TIP: Use a combination of materials (wood, glass, metal, fabric) when decorating a room, but do keep in mind that wood furniture burns the best. 

Living Room Design: Johnson & Associates Interior Design

media room.jpg

Zombie invasions can take a toll on our sense of well-being. Why not hunker down in a beautifully furnished state of the art media room outfitted with all of the latest entertainment technology? Tip:   A gas generator may be a useful addition to satisfy a technophile's addiction at a time like this. 

Media Room Design: Johnson & Associates Interior Design


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