Keeping Cool - Modern Ceiling Fans

When you think ceiling fan does this beauty come to mind? The blades rattled, they roared like a jet plane & were better at keeping bugs away than keeping your room cool.

fan old.jpg

Well, the technology and design of ceiling fans have come a long way. Today's fans are artful, nearly silent and actually keep a room cool! Here are a few of our current favourites.

marea fanimation.jpg

Love the shape of this fan. Perfect for a modern room. Marea by Fanimation.

torto fanimation.jpg

Torto is another beautiful sculptural design by Fanimation.

blow luceplan.jpg

The Blow Fan by Luceplan comes in several blade colour options and is one of the only fans with the light above it's blade.

duplo dinamico matthews fan company.jpg

This is such a timeless design and would work well in a traditional or contemporary room. The motor heads are adjustable so you can position them to your needs. Duplo Dinamico by Matthews Fan Co.


Haiku Fan is taking energy efficiency to a new level. Not only is it 80% more efficient than conventional fans, but it's sleek design will make it work in many settings.

mistral both.jpg

One of my personal faves - the Mistral by Moooi. Designed to look like a pendant light, the blades are tucked up inside and they are bright yellow. What more can you ask for?


Lastly, this one is too cute to not share. The Fantasy Flyer by Hunter.