Wall to Wall Drapery

Drapery is one of the easiest ways to pull together a room and we love it when they go wall to wall. Here are some of our favourite spaces that prove how drapes can dramatically transform a room.

Valentine office.jpg

We draped the whole wall in this basement home office despite the fact there is only one small window. The effect is luxe and creates the illusion of a wall of windows. 

Drapes run the whole back end of this home from the kitchen to living room. We used sheers to let in the light but still provide privacy.

Hurtubise Ensuite.jpg

Using drapes in unexpected rooms like this ensuite make it feel even more luxurious and softens the otherwise hard surfaces.

Drapery in this stairwell adds plenty of drama and a backdrop to the sculptural pendant light.

The classic patterning on this fabric pulls the room together without overwhelming the space.

Hurtubise office.jpg

We used sheers on 2 walls of this home office to provide privacy and soften the wall of modern windows.