Design Inspiration - Powder Rooms


While small in size, the powder room is the perfect space to add drama. The small scale allows you to incorporate dramatic items like wallpaper and unique lighting while not breaking the bank. Here are a few of our favourite powder rooms from over the years.


By hanging the pendant in front of the mirror the reflection doubles the sparkle in this bath. The clean lines of the vanity contrast with the sheepskin rug, unexpected in a powder room.


Drama comes in the form of texture & contemporary details in this space. Moody wallpaper is balanced with the sleek geometry of the floating vanity & sink. 


A reclaimed bowl & faucet add loads character to this space. The leather mirror frame was made by a family friend and adds even more personality.


This room is like a jewel box. From the mosaic glass tile to the agate waterfall countertop, this space absolutely glows.


You can never go wrong with wallpaper in a powder room and this large scale pattern is a perfect match to the furniture style vanity.


We incorporated a vestibule into this powder room which was coined the "ladies lounge". The perfect place to touch up your make-up during a dinner party. Textural wallpaper and jewel-like sconces at the perfect amount of femininity.

Traditional damask wallpaper and a furniture style vanity take this powder room next level.

We took the tile up the walls in this space creating a quiet backdrop for this supersleek Duravit vanity.

Design Inspiration - Bright & Fresh Laundry Rooms

It's simply unavoidable, the piles of laundry must be reckoned with. It doesn't need to be so bad if you have a room that's bright & cheery. Here are a few of our favourite spaces to give you a little inspiration for your next laundry day.


Oriental rugs and an antique desk add charm to this space.

This laundry is tucked into the pantry making it an easily accessible, multi-functional space. 


Cream on cream finishes keeps it feeling fresh while stacked machines free up space for storage.


We always try to incorporate a full height cabinet in our laundry designs. Perfect for luggage, broom and vacuums.


Who says laundry rooms can't be sophisticated? Sleek gray cabinets feel in tune with the rest of this contemporary home. The raised laundry machines make the work a little less back-breaking while the flush cabinets above make the storage easily reachable.

Wall to Wall Drapery

Drapery is one of the easiest ways to pull together a room and we love it when they go wall to wall. Here are some of our favourite spaces that prove how drapes can dramatically transform a room.

Valentine office.jpg

We draped the whole wall in this basement home office despite the fact there is only one small window. The effect is luxe and creates the illusion of a wall of windows. 

Drapes run the whole back end of this home from the kitchen to living room. We used sheers to let in the light but still provide privacy.

Hurtubise Ensuite.jpg

Using drapes in unexpected rooms like this ensuite make it feel even more luxurious and softens the otherwise hard surfaces.

Drapery in this stairwell adds plenty of drama and a backdrop to the sculptural pendant light.

The classic patterning on this fabric pulls the room together without overwhelming the space.

Hurtubise office.jpg

We used sheers on 2 walls of this home office to provide privacy and soften the wall of modern windows.

Lighting as Art

Decorative lighting is like your favourite piece of art. It adds personality to your home, taking a space from humdrum to wow. Here are some of our favourite spaces - all with light fixtures that add life and some serious drama.

Johnson & Associates Interior Design

Johnson & Associates Interior Design

While sculptural in form, the Big Bang by Foscarini works with instead of against the dramatic art

Johnhnson & Associates Interior Design

Johnhnson & Associates Interior Design

Various shapes and sizes of Tom Dixon's Beat Lights softens this dining room.

Johnson & Associates Interior Design

Johnson & Associates Interior Design

The movement in this fixture plays against the sleekness of the kitchen.

Johnson & Associates Interior Design

Johnson & Associates Interior Design

A small Caboche pendant feels like jewelry in this powder room.

Johnson & Associates Interior Design

Johnson & Associates Interior Design

Dramatic fixtures don't always require alot of money, just a little imagination. These West Elm bell pendants were used to fashion a custom chandelier over the island.

Johnson & Associates Interior Design

Johnson & Associates Interior Design

The organic nature of this fixture contrasts perfectly with the stone and hot rolled steel on the fireplace wall.

Johnson & Associates Interior Design

Johnson & Associates Interior Design

These Moroccan pendants add exotic flair.

Johnson & Associates Interior Design

Johnson & Associates Interior Design

This whimsical pendant is playful in this contemporary family home.

Johnson & Associates Interior Design

Johnson & Associates Interior Design

Sometimes an oversized fixture is all that's needed to provide drama.

See more light fixtures that inspire us on our pinterest board.

Dreaming of Paradise

As I stare out my window watching the snow come down (yes, it's the end of April) I can’t help but daydream about my recent trip to Puerto Vallarta.  We had the pleasure of staying at a luxury condominium developed & designed by Yoo by Starck. The condo itself was fabulous…modern and spacious with the most amazing ocean view you could ask for. But what really took my breath away was the grounds. Despite being laid out in a typical long & narrow hotel zone lot on the shores of Bahía de Banderas – the grounds were anything but typical. I won’t bore you with wordy interior design lingo - take a look for yourself and see what I mean.


This is the open-air reception area. Everything from the fuchsia acrylic desk to the grouping of chairs creates a perfectly relaxed and playful ambiance. Modern and ornate furnishings mingled throughout the whole resort in typical Philippe Starck style.

seating areas.jpg

A couple of seating areas separating the pool area and condos. The use of the massive photographs adds unexpected drama.

seating area 2.jpg

Another seating area with a large mirror as a backdrop. Traditional painted tiles ground the grouping.

seating area 3.jpg

The grounds were never lacking a quiet place to sneak away from the crowds. The fuchsia walls peeking through the lush foliage is unexpected and fun.


The infinity edge pool overlooking the ocean. While the grounds were full of colour, the pool area was neutral and serene. There is actually a condo rule only allowing white or beige towels by the pool! 


The games room with library in the background. The library glowed with yellow glass on all four sides. 


A view from the open air lobby. The oversize leaf graphic on the ceiling is framed with a plaster molding. Love the traditional details mixed with modern graphic prints.


his little jewel box is the women's washroom in the lobby. Every surface absolutely sparkled. The photograph is actually the door to the watercloset.


Lastly, this was our view from the 18th floor. I just doesn't get any better. Sigh. 

Our Christmas Wish List

The holidays are upon us once again and while spending time with our loved ones is at the top of our wish list here are a few other things we've been daydreaming about.


burdeny a bright future.jpg

A live performance of “A Christmas Carol”  in this theatre photographed by David Burdeny. The photograph would be fantastic as a consolation gift.


A week in Palm Springs to take in the Film Festival in January.


And then pop back in February for Modernism Week.



 A trip to Bali, Indonesia – eat, pray, love style.

The Tea of the Month Collection from David’s Tea - 12 delicious sample teas to keep me warm this winter.


A Fitbit Surge – To track my runs and keep me inspired to work out.


Pajar boots.jpg

A pair of Pajar boots to keep warm and stylish while at the rink being a hockey mom

wegner shell chair.jpg

This Wegner Shell Chair in cowhide would look perfect in our new house on the farm.

Traeger Texas Pro.png

A Traeger Smoker - Just because smoked food is so delicious!



 A basket of treats from the West Coast including: Cheeky Peach Craft Cider from Merridale Cider, a selection of cheeses from Saltspring Island Cheese and smoked tofu from Soya Nova Tofu Shop.

parker hotel.jpg

While I’m eating and drinking the above items I’d like to be lounging with my husband poolside at the Parker in Palm Springs.

frying pan (2).jpg

 Lodge 13.25” Cast Iron Fry Pan and new cookbook Mastering Sauces by Susan Volland so I can look like I can cook more than I do.



A couple of weeks (or months) of sun, sand and surf in the quaint village of San Pancho, Mexico.

burberry jacket 2 (2).jpg

This badass Burberry leather jacket so I can pretend I'm cooler than I actually am.


This Crown Minor chandelier for my dining room- and possibly a new dining room to go with the chandelier.

The last thing on our wish list is for all of our clients and friends to have a safe and merry holiday season. We'll see you in the New Year!

Colour Inspiration: Autumn

Looking for a palette to warm things up as the temperature drops? Look no further - a rich colour palette, layers of texture and a nod to nature, fall-inspired décor is worth cozying up to.

autumn blog post.jpg

1. Living Room design by Johnson & Associates Interior Design  2. Branches Chandelier by Brothers Dressler  3. Powder Room design by Johnson & Associates Interior Design  4. Lustre Lights by Tom Dixon  5. Long Saddle Bench by Brent Comber  6. Papillon Sink by Stone Forest  7. Design by Johnson & Associates Interior Design  8. Fur Stiletto Boot by Fendi  9. Dining Table by Philippe Hiquily (1968)

A nod to the past

Upcycle, repurpose, vintage - you hear these words used a lot lately. Whatever term you want to use, we’re definitely seeing a trend towards products and materials that have a sense of history. Perhaps our busy, plugged-in lives are giving us a yearning for a simpler time, for meals made from scratch, hand-knitted sweaters and patchwork quilts. Here are a few products that all give a nod to the past, whether it be reusing something that no longer has use in our modern world, or a cheeky twist on an antique design.


Paring down a light fixture to bare bones is nothing new - there are quite a few different versions out there. But this Crystal Bulb Pendant by Lee Broom is a cut above. This simplest form of a light is taken to a whole new level - each bulb is hand blown and then cut with a classic crystal pattern. Stunning.


This is where modern technology gets an unexpected traditional twist. Luxury watchmaker De Bethune embedded a working pocket watch into an iphone case.


Paul Cocksedge has created a smartphone speaker out of a 12" vinyl LP with his Change the Record. Repurposing at its best.


Drawing inspiration from traditional Scandinavian & Shaker designs, these chairs by O&G studio are modern yet feel as if they've been around forever.  ABCD design calls them "modern furnishings with an old soul".  We definitely agree.


These reclaimed barn wood walls in Hilary Swank's home juxtapose beautifully against the contemporary furnishings while lending a sense of history to the space. via

inside out clock.jpg

This inside-out collection by Polart is so whimsical and fun. They've taken traditional favorites and created statement pieces for contemporary interiors. 

How have you added a sense of history to your interior? Is it a beloved antique or a quirky accessory with a wink to the past? We'd love to hear!

Check out our pinterest board for more ideas & inspiration.

Concrete: you thought you knew it

Concrete is no longer a material used only for structural purposes. Today's concrete designers are taking the material beyond industrial and creating sculptural, light as air pieces that surprise & delight.

concrete lace cropped.jpg

The Concrete Lace curtain by Doreen Westphal Studio is an incredible example of how the use of  concrete has evolved into an artform.


The Stitching Concrete stool is a project by industrial designer Florian Schmid. By impregnating fabric with cement and drenching it in water, he is able to create a material that has the softness of cloth and the stability of concrete.

tub cropped.jpg

The Concrete Soft bathtub by Glass Idromassaggio is a like piece of art in the room.

concrete necklace.jpg

Dramatic necklaces by Bergnerschmidt.

concrete sofa.jpg

Yes, this sofa is made of concrete. Messes with your head a bit doesn't it? Concrete Chesterfield Sofa by Gray Concrete.


Bet you've never been given a concrete business card before. Designed by Murmure Creative.

hubert heavy desk light 2.jpg

Minimalist task lighting taken a step further with a concrete shade & base. From Benjamin Hubert.

2stone light.jpg

Fabric-like concrete fixture at the office of 2Stone Designer Concrete in Calgary. 

See more cool concrete products on our concrete pinboard.


Dear Santa: We've been very good this year - a Tuscan Villa and a fur-lined sleeping bag isn't too much to ask, is it?Read on to see what we are coveting this holiday season.

BRUCE: After a trip to Paris and Italy this summer all I want for Christmas is:


A villa in Tuscany (naturally) – I would never leave so you would have to come visit.


“Altan” Parisian oxfords made from Italian parts –  almost as significant as Italy’s contribution to French cuisine.

JILL: Next year we're planning on doing some renovating but will still find time for lots of outdoor adventures. Here's what's on my list:

terratina tile.jpg

Beton Epoque Tile from Stone Tile  for my upcoming bathroom reno.

Piano lessons.  I recently inherited a piano and, while I play a mean “Heart and Soul”, I must expand my repertoire!


Nordic ski gear from MEC for outdoor fun this winter.

SHAYLA: Building a new house is keeping my family busy but we still plan to make time to unwind and have some winter fun.

padraig slippers.jpg

Padraig slippers to keep cozy on those cold Prairie nights.


Cowhide chairs - perfect for for my new dining room.

Knit toque.jpg

This cozy knit toque from Gorsuch. It will keep me toasty during snowball fights with my kids.

DIONE: R&R in the sun and at home is on my to do list next year. Here is what is at the top of my list:


The Noche Alpaca Blanket from The Citizenry. Perfect for Netflix binge-watching.


This Prada sleeping bag might just convince me to become a camper. 

Casa-Perico-Yelapa-Luxury-Rustic-Jungle-Ocean-Retreat (1).jpg

A trip to Casa Pericos - an open air luxury casa in Yelapa, Mexico. Maybe I'll take my Prada sleeping bag.