Our Christmas Wish List

The holidays are upon us once again and while spending time with our loved ones is at the top of our wish list here are a few other things we've been daydreaming about.


burdeny a bright future.jpg

A live performance of “A Christmas Carol”  in this theatre photographed by David Burdeny. The photograph would be fantastic as a consolation gift.


A week in Palm Springs to take in the Film Festival in January.


And then pop back in February for Modernism Week.



 A trip to Bali, Indonesia – eat, pray, love style.

The Tea of the Month Collection from David’s Tea - 12 delicious sample teas to keep me warm this winter.


A Fitbit Surge – To track my runs and keep me inspired to work out.


Pajar boots.jpg

A pair of Pajar boots to keep warm and stylish while at the rink being a hockey mom

wegner shell chair.jpg

This Wegner Shell Chair in cowhide would look perfect in our new house on the farm.

Traeger Texas Pro.png

A Traeger Smoker - Just because smoked food is so delicious!



 A basket of treats from the West Coast including: Cheeky Peach Craft Cider from Merridale Cider, a selection of cheeses from Saltspring Island Cheese and smoked tofu from Soya Nova Tofu Shop.

parker hotel.jpg

While I’m eating and drinking the above items I’d like to be lounging with my husband poolside at the Parker in Palm Springs.

frying pan (2).jpg

 Lodge 13.25” Cast Iron Fry Pan and new cookbook Mastering Sauces by Susan Volland so I can look like I can cook more than I do.



A couple of weeks (or months) of sun, sand and surf in the quaint village of San Pancho, Mexico.

burberry jacket 2 (2).jpg

This badass Burberry leather jacket so I can pretend I'm cooler than I actually am.


This Crown Minor chandelier for my dining room- and possibly a new dining room to go with the chandelier.

The last thing on our wish list is for all of our clients and friends to have a safe and merry holiday season. We'll see you in the New Year!


Dear Santa: We've been very good this year - a Tuscan Villa and a fur-lined sleeping bag isn't too much to ask, is it?Read on to see what we are coveting this holiday season.

BRUCE: After a trip to Paris and Italy this summer all I want for Christmas is:


A villa in Tuscany (naturally) – I would never leave so you would have to come visit.


“Altan” Parisian oxfords made from Italian parts –  almost as significant as Italy’s contribution to French cuisine.

JILL: Next year we're planning on doing some renovating but will still find time for lots of outdoor adventures. Here's what's on my list:

terratina tile.jpg

Beton Epoque Tile from Stone Tile  for my upcoming bathroom reno.

Piano lessons.  I recently inherited a piano and, while I play a mean “Heart and Soul”, I must expand my repertoire!


Nordic ski gear from MEC for outdoor fun this winter.

SHAYLA: Building a new house is keeping my family busy but we still plan to make time to unwind and have some winter fun.

padraig slippers.jpg

Padraig slippers to keep cozy on those cold Prairie nights.


Cowhide chairs - perfect for for my new dining room.

Knit toque.jpg

This cozy knit toque from Gorsuch. It will keep me toasty during snowball fights with my kids.

DIONE: R&R in the sun and at home is on my to do list next year. Here is what is at the top of my list:


The Noche Alpaca Blanket from The Citizenry. Perfect for Netflix binge-watching.


This Prada sleeping bag might just convince me to become a camper. 

Casa-Perico-Yelapa-Luxury-Rustic-Jungle-Ocean-Retreat (1).jpg

A trip to Casa Pericos - an open air luxury casa in Yelapa, Mexico. Maybe I'll take my Prada sleeping bag.


All I want for Christmas...

All we want for Christmas this year is World Peace....and a Maserati. Read on to find out what's at the top of all of our wish lists this year.

JILL: Interior Design Assistant

A Heli-Ski Adventure!.jpg

  A Heli-Ski trip: To satisfy the adventure seeker in me!

Alexis Bittar Horseshoe Necklace smaller.jpg

Every  gal needs a horseshoe necklace and this hand-carved lucite one by Alexis Bittar is perfect.

Saarinen Oval Dining Table.jpg

Perfect for my newly renovated nook : a Saarinen dining room table

SHAYLA: Architectural Technologist


Beech Wood Alarm Dock by Jonas Damon. So I can wake up in style.

Helly Hansen Jacket.jpg

A Helly Hansen jacket to stay cozy while I build snowmen with my kids.

Ronix Wakeboard.jpg

Last year my family bought a wakeboard boat – I need to up my skill level now, so I need a new board!

DARREN: Interior Designer

fantasy floor plan.png

The floorplan for the sitcom apartment of Jerry Seinfeld by Fantasy Floorplans. I love the look of old blueprints and Seinfeld was such a fun show back in the day – it’s double the nostalgia


Standing Reflections Sculpture by Martha Sturdy. I love these burnt timbers. They are so moody and dramatic. Plus I really need a reason to add a vaulted third floor to the condo.

BRUCE: Principal



I never get tired of looking at this beautiful photograph and now I want to own it. Beach house, Venice, Italy, 2010 44" x 55”, David Burdeny, Herringer Kiss Gallery


Maserati GranCabrio: Just cuz


After having a great time at Cuisine et Chateau for our staff Christmas party I would love to do one of their culinary tours in the Périgord region of France.

ERIN: Interior Design Assistant

Alberta Bellet Tickets.jpg

Ballet Tickets: I luv dance! Dance first. Think later. It's the natural order.

my own apartment... a girl can dream!.jpg

My own apartment...a girl can dream!

Rebok-Zigtech Running Shoes.jpg

Reebok Zigtech running Shoes: "Running is the greatest metaphor for life, because you get out of it what you put into it."  Oprah Winfrey

DIONE - Interior Designer

TNM Tory Burch lunch box.jpg

Tory Burch lunch box: because it's time to graduate from the plastic grocery bags to a grown up lunch box.

Lego Villa Savoye: because it's Lego. And it's Corbusier. And it's awesome.

dwell hans leather chaise.jpg

Hans Leather Chaise by Dwell Studio. The perfect place to curl up with a book.