Last year we decided it was time to move out of our basement office and into a space that would accommodate our growing staff and desire to work above ground. After many frustrating months of pounding the pavement to find just the right site, we found the perfect spot in a great central location. The interior, mind you, was not quite up to our standards. The previous tenant was a dental supply office, and to sum it up, there was dust, tools & teeth everywhere. Not quite as glamorous as we’d hoped, so we enlisted the help of Cortina Crafted Homes and started plans to knock it all down and start from scratch. Today we’re going to give you a peek into our home away from home, before & after. We think it’s a bit better now. We hope you do too.


Looking into the space through the front door. The Roll and Hill light fixture adds just the right amount of drama as you enter the new reception area.

existing 1 - reception.JPG

The reception area before. Clutter, clutter, clutter: a designer's worst nightmare.


Reception area after. A little more inviting, don't you think? The wall tile has the effect of folded paper and despite being a hard material softens the space.

Art: Michael Himpel

existing 2 - meeting room.JPG

Meeting Room before. These vinyl chairs are living proof that "vintage" is not always a good thing

meeting room2.jpg

The meeting room now. We spend alot of time in here and wanted it to feel more like a room in a home than a typical boardroom.

Art (abstract): Alain Attar Art (fireplace): Francesca Gabbiani Table: Johnson & Associates custom design

meeting room3.jpg

Another shot of the meeting room. The built-in credenza stores samples making it easy to present options during client meetings.

existing 3 - kitchen.JPG

Our kitchen area before....


The kitchen now.


Some fun details that add personality to the space.

Upper left: Custom logo closet handles. Upper right: Print by John Waters. Bottom left: A Rex Ray scarf is framed as art. Bottom right: Vitra miniature chairs