Things We Love: Modern Vintage Rugs

Recently we had a private showing of area rugs from Colin Campbell & Sons. Among some of the beautiful area rugs we saw were these amazing Modern Vintage Rugs from Turkey.

Not only are these rugs beautiful, but they have an amazing story behind their creation. The manufacturer tours around Turkey looking for old worn out rugs that are ready for the landfill. He takes all the rugs and bleaches the colour out in the sun. Then they are over-dyed with vibrant saturated colours. The rugs that are too far gone are cut into pieces and patched together, but many are still in their original size and shape. An incredible example of upcycling, don't you think?

Modern Vintage mediterra.jpg

Patchworked pieces will be cut down to usable sizes.

Modern Vintage Pink.jpg

Patchwork in pink.

Colin Campbell 1.JPG

A few of the selections on display at the Calgary Trade Showroom. And yes, there is even a gray for us neutral-loving Calgarians. In stock colours and sizes are random due to the manufacturing process, but custom colours can be special-ordered.