Timeless Trends: Countertops with Character

This is the first post in our “Timeless Trends” series, where we will share our favourite interior design trends. We're not talking about fads that disappear in a year, but design elements that will stand up to the test of time in function and beauty. Today, we're going to share our love of stone countertops that ooze character.


The waterfall agate countertop in this powder room reads more as sculpture than surface material. The translucent nature of the material allows is to be backlit creating an ethereal glow. 


ranch kitchen counter.jpg

The movement in this granite contrasts beautifully with the simple cabinetry in this modern ranch home. 


cole kitchen.jpg

The soft green granite is an unexpected touch in this otherwise neutral kitchen.


wong kitchen.jpg

This white granite isn't bold, but the figuring in it provides a softness to the otherwise clean lines of this contemporary home. 

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